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    There’s variety and I can do a lot of mix-and match with em at plenty of events and occasions. If I were to buy these individually, it’ll cost a bomb, that’s for sure!

  • Blogger14

    If they will be having another Malaysia Clothes Buffet Wait for me ! I 100% going back for the excitement to shop within 15 Mins~!

  • Blogger13

    Fana berjaya penuhkan zip lock bag dalam masa sepuluh minit dan berjaya sumbat tujuh helai pakaian dalam tu.

  • Blogger12

    Anyhow, this event was freaking cool! loving the concepts so much and really hope that it gonna also happen on the next year.

  • Blogger11

    If you think clothes buffet doesn't offer nice clothes, YOU ARE VERY WRONG :P I really had so much funat the clothes buffet~

  • Blogger10

    I never tried anything like this and felt the adrenaline pumping my entire body. hehe. So go try and experience it.

  • Blogger9


  • Blogger8

    Came out with 10 pieces of garments in a zipper lock bag! #somuchwin

  • Blogger7

    I am not exactly an expert on folding but I was pretty happy with the 8 pieces that I walked away with.

  • Blogger6

    Had so much fun and bought friendship bunnies too :)

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