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1. When is the next Clothes Buffet™ Malaysia?
Season 3 is on 26th & 27th March 2016.

2. Where is the next Clothes Buffet™ Malaysia?
Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur.

3. How much is a ticket?
Each ticket costs RM 150 with freebies worth at least RM 278!

4. How do I purchase tickets?
As the tickets for each wave are limited, you are encouraged to buy them online in advance.

5. Can I buy my tickets on the spot?
You are encouraged to buy your tickets online to ensure you get the slot you want before it is sold out. However, tickets will be sold at the venue if the wave is not sold out. We only accept cash on the event day. Please purchase online if you would like to do a bank transfer.

6. Can I just walk into the Buffet Area at any time I want?
No, you will have to join one of our fixed shopping waves at the provided times, similar to watching a movie at the cinema.

7. Can I enter the buffet area without buying a ticket?
Only ticket holders are allowed to enter the buffet area.

8. How long can I be inside the Buffet Area?
Each wave lasts for 15 minutes. Your bag has to be zipped by the end in order to leave. Stay calm and we assure you that 15 minutes is aplenty. We had shoppers finishing and leaving in 10 minutes!

9. What kind of clothes are there?
Currently we only offer women’s clothing, ranging from casual to work attires. There will also be exclusive custom made pieces from Wear My Sketch! designers. You may view our Season 3 Catalogue for a preview.

10. Are the clothes new?
All the stocks are brand new and purchased from both local and international suppliers.

11. How many pieces can I fit into the Buffet Bag?
The previous record is 21 pieces in a Buffet Bag.

12. If I go for a later session, will I get the leftovers only?
Definitely not! We distribute the stocks evenly to each wave beforehand and restock after every wave so everyone has a chance to get the good stuff.

13. Can I bring my friend with me?
Yes! Provided he/she also buys a ticket to enter.

14. How many people will be allowed into the buffet area at one time?
To ensure comfort for our shoppers, we limit the number of people entering each wave to 40.

15. Are men and children allowed to participate?
Although we only offer women’s clothing, men are also allowed to enter. Children below 12 years old are not allowed inside due to safety reasons.

16. What happens if I break my Buffet Bag?
You have to pay a penalty of RM20 to receive a new bag if your Buffet Bag is torn or damaged. To be safe, make sure you clip your nails and know the bag’s limits.

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